Cosmic Manifestations

by Pulsar Colony

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    Includes "The Flame Imperishable" from the Pulsar Colony / Aequus Nox split as a bonus track, and more great artwork from Moonroot art.

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Description from Razed Soul:
"American black metal act Pulsar Colony returns with their fourth full length of cosmic, psychedelic black metal entitled Cosmic Manifestations. Comprised of five lengthy tracks plus an 18 minute bonus track, Cosmic Manifestations creates a blurred world deprived of oxygen launching the listener through a suffocating trip to extraterrestrial destinations."


released January 12, 2015

Charles Sabo - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, percussion
Music & lyrics by Sabo
Recorded November 2013 - May 2014
Produced & mastered by Sabo
Artwork by Moonroot Art
Logo by Gothmog Logos
Razed Soul Productions, catalog # RZD 087



all rights reserved


Pulsar Colony

Psychedelic/experimental black metal from Northwest Arkansas.

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Track Name: The Intoxicating Wine of the Allfather
The tides are rising
The elements are swirling
Clashing together
Intoxicating flame glowing
The wine of inspiration
Fermented with the lightning
Of the all-father
So enticing
The trampling hooves
The spear aimed at your heart
The gust of wind
Slowly gaining strength
We will turn the tides
We will harmonize with the hurricane
Thrown in the dungeon
Rising to the tower’s peak
The whispers of dark matter speak of vengeance
The spirits of those you’ve hanged and burned
Are descending on you like hunting eagles
I smile at your fearful expression
When the hooves come galloping
Bashing down your feeble wooden gates
These isolated souls
With glazed, hateful red eyes
Have slowly been forming
Into organized ranks
When I drink the wine
And look outwards to where the comets travel
I can feel the lava
Searing my body
With strengthening pain
Track Name: The Inner Core
The white whale drags our ship down
Into a vortex as I pierce its skin
It has been foretold
That our demise will occur
On the sea, far from home
We try to paint with colors
A force that reeks of deathly white
The demigod facade that we assume
Is put to shame
When in the presence of the sea beast
But we do not fear the whale’s vortex
With pride
We stare into the cauldron
And embrace our savage urges
We march towards
The deathly white force of brute strength
With sword in hand
As its icy jaws open
These infernal caverns
Have every inhuman intention
I am at one with their lack of compassion
I welcome their sharpened bite
As they clamp down
I’ve arrived at the inner core
Of existence
Dragged down
To the bottom
Of the eroded earth
This tireless soul
Suffocated by the deep waters
Track Name: Protection of the Hammer
As I climb the trail to a higher elevation
The breeze is soothing
The water below laps against the rock
A golden sky fused with deathly grey
Creates a pale glow
The giants are hiding
In the caves across the beach
Cultivating the strength
Of their forefathers
Of fertility, of war, of protection
We’ve lost them
The hammer no longer shelters us
They are eternal
They bless those
Who seek them out
In the dead silence of these woods
I stand alone
Looking down upon the river valley
Across the forested hills and rocky walls
The hill-top clearing on the horizon
Caresses me from a distance
Track Name: The Dimensional Wolf of the Ginnungagap Singularity
The tortured face fleetingly appears
Refracting through the prism
My hands are grasping
For the sands
The mountains recede into the clouds
As the plates push them upwards
The land splits off from the continent
And drifts off into the ethereal vapors
The face is an illusion
But it penetrates ever so deeply
Its suffering of eons and eras
Brings me comfort
As I absorb its energy
The mongrels that take petty jabs at it
Will see their hands grow black at the tip of the blade
Their cowardly, superficial laughter
Was all for nothing
As the blackened rash eats their flesh
I raise my hands
And summon the wall cloud
The frost and the fire
March towards each other
The cosmic battle takes place in Ginnungagap
And the wolf sinks his teeth in…
The hunter
Who spreads ruin among the crops
He’s always there
Between the trees, barely visible
Like a singularity
Swallowing all matter and energy
The hunter’s pull bends the stars
Drifting towards the warping of space
Frozen in time
Encased in amber
Track Name: Drifting into Oblivion
These graves are concealed
Under the rocks
That resist the winds
Which attempt to erode them
The rocks resist the trappings of all omens
So the graves will remain forgotten
Because the elements do not honor them
We were smiling as we shoveled dirt over
All the empty relics
And the dogmas that would cripple our minds
If we lose our poise
We stand apart from the angry, demented howls
Of the ghosts trapped in limbo
They licked the ovary
Of the golden calf
But then they donned the robes
Of fear, confession, and self-loathing
Let them rot
In purgatory
It’s a shame compared to the blessing
Of taking the throne next to Lucifer
Smash their order of righteousness
Hang them, flay them, mock them
As we navigate
Through the fields
Next to the sunlit lake
We rejoice that we’ve shunned the weaker ones
So now we can lay down
In our own graves
The sunlight dims
The fields grow hazy
Drifting into oblivion
We sacrifice our existence
To the altar of relativity
No longer moving forward
In space-time
The fourth dimension opens up
The road to Asgard is within our reach
Standing in front of the graves
We see what the future holds
For them it’s death and decay
For us it’s a flaming dragon ship
These woods are not our friends
Their claws could trap us anytime
But we will not cringe in fear
We raise our swords and shove them down the throats
Of the two-faced cowards
Who would make us their slaves