Snowball Earth (2017 remix)

by Pulsar Colony

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Pulsar Colony's first album, originally released in 2011. Remixed & remastered.

Includes digital booklet.


released February 26, 2017

Charles Sabo - Everything



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Pulsar Colony

Psychedelic/experimental black metal from Northwest Arkansas.

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Track Name: Wounded Animal of the Four Elements
I had to test you
To see if you were loyal
Instead you thought you could exploit me
This is my domain, I will smash you
You are below me
Your blood drips on the stone
I am watching every crevice
The axe is raised where your disease will creep through
I will make you suffer my furnaces
I am the wounded animal
Twice as dangerous
In this inferno you put me in
Why should I want your inferior philosophy
It’s time to set the willpower ablaze
Deep beneath the surface
There is a cleansing to be channeled
The wolf pack is forever faithful
To the deity inside of me
You’ve been struck down
A pile of ashes and excrement
Rotting away, buried in snow
And so the wounded are healed by hatred
Track Name: Snowball Earth
Chasing the clouds
Like galaxies receding
All I see
Is water and the horizon
No habitat within reach
I gaze longingly into the sun
And the random colors
Of perpetual hibernation
This final second
This state of nirvana
You see in my marble impassive eyes
Snowball earth
Come visit us once again
Supplant this fallacy
So our bodies can rest
In coffins of ice
Feeding the sediment
I laugh at your remorse
One last time
Before my mind turns numb
The worms are chewing
On my organs
Mother, I have returned
Track Name: Absolute Zero
I can smell the cancer
Spreading through the universe
Swallowing black holes and supernovas
Spreading all the particles farther apart
Staring down the crossroads
Will we burn or freeze to death
The callous pagan Gods
Will use us again
For their own amusement
Sinking deeper
Everything is decaying
Jumping off a cliff
Into absolute zero
All the parallel dimensions
Have flickered out
There is no place to go
In this stagnant space-time
Sitting here behind this crystal wall
I remember the pristine conditions
Of the ecosystem
I also see
Visions of civilizations
Wiped out by nuclear warfare
So now you have your answer
We are alone
Track Name: Pillars of Creation
I look for guidance
From the stardust
Shed by the cosmos
Ancient beyond ancient
It doesn’t care
It shoots arrows at me
We’re all weaklings
Against this vast force
No magic or beauty
Can save us
The insects that we are
My mind wanders light years away
In this cold, dirty alleyway
No petty insults can touch me
There is power in the void
A knife in the dark
The hourglass is empty
It’s a fatal flaw
Written all over the walls
Nothing to lose
Lose nothing
We’re in the same position
Our time has expired
So I shall forge a new domain
Shaping wisdom out of agony
Track Name: Plotting the Coordinates of Predators
I’m falling asleep
Going deeper into the elements
Absorbed by the waterfall
No longer selling myself
To mortal lies
Embracing the origins
The need to inflict
Spilling blood on the grass
So soothing
The dormant powers of the creator
Plotting the coordinates of predators
You snap to position on my grid
Just as I predicted
Making full use of my limbs
As our ancestors would
We were meant to play this game
When cornered
My dear sweet enemy
I despise you
You have destroyed
My instinct for kindness
When it would’ve killed me
For that I’m thankful
Track Name: Calypso
I have defiled the Gods
So I can taste the flesh
Twist my mind and imprison me
In your cave
You see my rotten soul
And I smell your vanity
We are the oceans
And the glowing sunset
That permeates
The pantheon can scheme against us
For they created us
We are the instincts of man
Strength, weakness, survival
I would jump headfirst
Into a wilderness of enemies
Just to feel your eternal skin
And deal death to the unworthy
Poseidon raises his trident against me
But he cannot kill us
We leave this wasted land
Fly through the cold mountain air
Into the northern lights
Past the solar winds
And join the constellations
Track Name: The White Witch of Frost Origin
Driven by the power to enslave
Throne and scepter bewitchingly pale
Shimmering white like the purity of winter
My enemies are frozen statues
Hating all freedom and bliss
The rot has spread too deep
Stirring a cauldron of tainted water
With shriveled skin and warp-minded demons
The potion of my radiance
Which I parade around like a trophy
Savor your comforts while you can
The headsman is eager for you traitors
I have slain my own kin
And traveled through the portals
To ensure that I can never die
And war will never end
Guided by the writing on the stone table
I have meditated on these primordial secrets
So, champion of Spring and prosperity
Be very afraid
As you bestow glory
On all your little friends
I have watchers in the woods
Spies on the wind
My plague has a will of its own
It steals away your allies
It’s too late for me
To enjoy fertility
So convey me away
Stuff me in your coffin
Stab me with your sword of ice
So I can dominate in the harshest climate