The Deep Sleep (2015 remix)

by Pulsar Colony

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Pulsar Colony's 2nd album, originally released in 2012, re-mixed & re-released in 2015.


released March 21, 2015

Recorded 2010-2012.
New mix created December 2014 - March 2015.
Charles Sabo - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Sitar, Hand Percussion, Drum Programming.
All music, lyrics, and production by Sabo.



all rights reserved


Pulsar Colony

Psychedelic/experimental black metal from Northwest Arkansas.

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Track Name: Shrouded
I look into the mirror
See the hatred in my eyes
It finds the empty spaces
In my mind
My vision is getting hazy
In this negative existence
Narrow vision
Focused on the target
Clenched fists
Grinding teeth
Strengthened by the ashes
Of dead weaknesses
The machines have their guns
Pointed at my head
When the smoke clears
You’ll see me reborn
With a face covered in blood
I fly down
And join the youth
So now we can go on
Mating and killing
We are savage
Like the dolphins riding the waves
Everything is so pure
In this shrouded existence
Track Name: The Flock
What’s up with
These swirling colors
Psychedelic visions
And spiritual messages?
I’ve been fooled
Just like you all before me
So gather around
And hear my sermon
I tell the flock
That there is no higher power
It’s just a robot
Programming us
To implode
I should have trusted
My instincts
These voices in my head
Are my only friends
They tell me
To abandon all missions
So all the forms break down
Into their component parts
I use those parts
To test my theories
By way of analysis
I know that this God
Is just the endorphins
There must be a virus
In the human condition
Why else would you want to subdue me
I cannot comprehend
What goes on in that little head
It’s as if there’s no desire
To just fucking live
I’m left painting pictures
Of the Eye of Jupiter
On my wall
This foggy jar
Of dead emotions
Is what I call my own
It’s superior
To your blind faith
As time moves forward
As the years pile up
I’m aging
Still painting pictures
‘Cause when surrounded by the flock
There’s nothing else to do…
Track Name: Why You Shouldn't Feed Bears
Standing over the carcass
Snapping jaws, foaming mouth
Letting me know
I’m in its territory
I step forward
The bear steps away
Turns around
Makes sure I’m following
Faint light creeps through the curtains
Giving hints of the features
I can see the outline
Of the ghost in the room
I can smell its history
Of greed and deception
This is what
I was hoping for
The blood trickling
Out of your dead nose
Your jewels will rust
The floor beneath you will decay
The plague is hidden at the center
Of the feast you consumed
And now its time
To feed the animals
Stick your hand out
So the bear can drag you along
I’m just as
Hungry as you
Starving for the truth
All I see in it
Is disease and death
I grasp and hug every scrap
You have created
An existential problem
You’re the inverted face
I see in the shadows at night
I can’t stop chasing you
So I continue feeding the bears
Until they too shall lose their fear
And tear at me with their claws
Consuming me
We’ve challenged the wizard and failed, you and I
Could this be the house of seven gables
Track Name: Reptilian Complex
I’m behind your prison
You stare at me through the glass
I’m the most ancient stage
Of your evolution
Will you train me
To survive?
Your societal constructs
We find to be encroaching
We’re a dying breed
Of meteor survivors
Leave us alone
So we can soak up the sun
Don’t come near the water
This is nature
I’m free to be irrational
And unpredictable
But I’ve been integrated
Into your system
I cannot dissolve
Your logic
Your ambitions
Your philosophies
It’s all shoving me down
Into the concrete
Meet me in the hangar
I’ll blast you off
Into outer space
Where the radiation will choke you
For I am entropy
The erosion of your intellect
Distilled into pure reptile form
Track Name: Estrangement
Stillness, silence, sorrow
The truth is lurking
In the unseen dimensions
It ate my heart out
Diseased in the mind
Coldness, winter, death
Take your medicine
Wear the mask on your face
We are what society despises
With all these judgments
Imposed on us, weighing us down
I refuse to join them
To play their games
I know I’m cold
With nothing, I enter
With nothing, I leave
Track Name: Proxima Centauri
Why do they call you our neighbor?
It would take thousands of lifetimes to reach you
I’d set foot on the dry, brown planet
Assuming it’s there
Just to see the rise of three suns
This planet is dead and dark
Surrounded by the billion-year-old vacuum
The infinite indifference
It exposes the God complex
Casts it aside for its folly
We scream out at the vacuum
Where our voices just dissipate
I smell this landfill
Of faulty values
I escape through
The stagnant, icy space between us
I am obsessed
I put the realm of matter
On a pedestal
Because it paints
Colors in the vacuum
Stimulating my senses
So we fly
Keep on drifting
Away from this sun
Towards a new sun
The shapes it takes
Diameters measured in light years
The ultimate natural disaster
The deep freeze
Makes life seem so insignificant
But that’s the answer
To all our struggles
We are the lifeless matter
We are the paradox
Drawing nebulas in the sky with our eyes
Track Name: Sculptures
Channeling the emotions
Of the stone carvings
Tiny bodies with contorted faces
No apparent movement
But you’ll notice that their eyes
Are bottomless wells
You see the sum of tragic events
Strike the gong
And let their cries reverberate
Across the forests, rivers, and mountains
Where they desire to go
And feed on whatever they can grasp
Without prejudice or controlling forces
The sculptures of this secluded place
Why would they want to stay here?
When they can cover the far-reaching hills
The setting sun, the golden grass
How pretty are the jewels in their heads
Heads that are not alive
Without thoughts
Or sensations
They are the projections
Of the escapist human nature
Do they realize
That they are the new slaves
Of the freed slaves?
Or are they barren, like the surface of Phobos?
I inject the sculptures
With my own sensations
They give me in return
The Lamps of the Valar
The Lords of Kobol, or the Final Five
Or whatever speaks to me
Are the Gods a gift I can give myself
In the state to which I have evolved?
When will we evolve
To see gamma rays and infrared light,
Step outside of the temporal dimension?
We have our place
As sculptures
Out here in the trees
By the stream
Just me and my appetites
Knowledge and wisdom
The hunger never stops
Track Name: Power in the Void
I know what it’s like
To mind-fuck myself
Drain away the passion
Embrace the minus sign
It’s intoxicating
These white walls
That lead to nowhere
I mated with the eraser
She wiped away the colors
I’m a single blinking dot
On an empty screen
It’s more fulfilling
To slither through life
Like a parasite
I probe the depths of my psyche
And see my reptilian roots
But once again, I also see
An undying thirst
For knowledge of the cosmos
Come to me
My mistress of isolation
Connect me to your hardware
I’m standing in the path of a tornado
The winds pick up
The leaves blow past me
I see the cloud of debris
On the horizon
At the edge of the plains
Slowly coming closer
On the table
Connected to the test tubes
My remains leak down
Into the ground
To feed the system
This is the deep sleep
I am mother earth
Nothing can
Touch me now