Aequus Nox / Pulsar Colony split

by Pulsar Colony

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Composed March-May 2014, recorded May 2014. Pulsar Colony's portion of the split with Aequus Nox. Released by Manicidic Black records. Full split available here:


released October 28, 2014

Charles Sabo - Everything



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Pulsar Colony

Psychedelic/experimental black metal from Northwest Arkansas.

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Track Name: The Flame Imperishable
These timeless halls
Contain the nucleus
Around which all particles
Coalesce into visions of order
All derived from the flame imperishable
These visions
Are seductive and filled with nectar
They imprison me in their symmetry
To mar the symmetry
Means freedom
To slay the silver and golden leaves
Perfection at the mercy of disillusionment
Stealing the children
From their tranquil pools under starlight
In the rapture of rebellion
I whisper lies
To turn them away from their own Gods
To shun the horseman that shelters them
No one knows what became of these fair children
In shackles, they descend
Into my ancient breeding pits
The army of perversions pours out
From my iron stronghold
Under a hateful, angry glowing sky
Led by demigods with flaming whips
The storm cloud blasts the mountains
Scattering their rocky remnants
Crushing the kingdoms
We’ve captured the last of their
Pitiful, peaceful light
Discord has been sown
As they burn the ships of their own kin
Forever seeking the imperishable flame
I will not rest
Until the cosmic clay
Is in my hands to mold at my will
When I kill their source of light
They always raise another
One of such a fiery spirit
Burns me in my vain pursuit
My power is spread too thin
My minions are sucking my reservoir
Like fire ants
So let the moon chase the sun
His carelessness will extinguish her fire
Resulting in a gravitational cataclysm
As frailty slowly cloaks my form
I sit back and watch
The beautiful entropy